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In the short term, our production is mainly aimed at feed and aquaculture purposes as well as for scientific research. Future applications include food, chemicals, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. After all, our ProviAPT photobioreactor produces algae in a closed environment under rigorously controlled conditions. Proviron currently offers nannochloropsis sp. and isochrysis sp. respectively renowned for their EPA and DHA content. The ProviAPT photobioreactor has also been proven to successfully host a variety of sensitive, recalcitrant species.

Lower cost, more applications

It is clear that the unit cost will decrease strongly as the plantation surface increases. When the product price drops, new applications become feasible. Proviron has always been a company at the vanguard of bridging industry and ecology. It now envisions a biorefinery with scientists researching algae applications for food, bio-plastics, and energy. It’s not an illusion. It’s the real future.

In short ...

The future for the algae market looks very promising: plenty of applications with a great deal of good added value.